Bunion Support Splint, Day/Night


Day and Night Bunion Splint for support and improvement of Hallux Valgus (1 pack)



A bunion is a bony, sometimes painful bump that forms at the base of the big toe as the ligaments and bones of the foot shift out of alignment. Bunions are experienced by nearly one-fourth of all adults. They can show up at any time, though most people don’t start to notice them until early adulthood or later. Ill-fitting shoes or excessive use of high heels can be a cause, though genetics can also be a factor. Bunion pain stems from the pressure put on the joint of the toe and from the bunion rubbing against the inside of shoe.

Bunion splints are designed to slow the progress of the bunion and relieve pressure and pain. They offer one way to delay and/or deflect the need for surgery. If a bunion has made your every step painful, a bunion splint is an inexpensive solution.

The splint is palliative only, and should not be viewed as a cure. Bunions have many factors that lead to their development, such as genetics, footwear, occupation, sports, body weight, trauma/injury, age etc.

We offer absolutely no guarantee of any sort. One size fits all, available in white, blue or black.

Wear in gradually, around the house.  Stop its use if pain persists. Can be worn at night and in some footwear if space allows.

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