Verruca Treatment


Verrucae or warts are caused by the Human Papilloma Virus and are one of the most common viral infections of the skin.  Verrucae can occur anywhere on the foot and are usually well circumscribed and have a cloud-like or cauliflower appearance.  Red or black dots within the lesion are also normal and represent vascular and or nerve involvement.  It is common for thick callous to surround and cover the lesion especially on weight-bearing areas.  Verrucae covering a large area of skin are known as ‘mosaic warts’ and are usually more superficial than a single lesion. The virus that causes verrucae can be transmitted through barefoot activity around gymnasiums, swimming pools and showers.

Treatment Options

Lesion size
Number Treatments
Pain level Patient type Cost

Natural method

Tea Tree oil topically and oral immune booster such as Olive Leaf Extract

any Ongoing till resolved (up to 12 months), applied at home. Cover verrucae with occlusive tape between times none Suitable for all ages Minimal, with 6 weekly clinic appointment for debridement @ $70 per visit

Sliver Nitrate

Topical Keratolytic AgNo3

> 3mm Home based, applied topically to lesion and black residue filed away after 24h, then reapplied and so on.


Nothing to mild sting Children


Kit available from us ($20), with debridement as necessary ($70)

Salacylic acid paint

From chemist. 25% salacylic

any size Home based, but with 4-6 weekly clinical visit for debridement. Can be combined with gentler remedies. Mild Everyone paint is not expensive, and clinic debridement appts $60 4-6 weeks
Salicylic Acid

85% strength, topical causes aseptic tissue necrosis

6mm+ Varies with depth of lesion, 3-8 weeks, once every 4 days Usually mild initially, then throbs over time Early teens -Adult $70 per appointment for 1 lesion or $88 if multiple

Freezing – cryotherapy

Blister formation similar to a burn

1-10mm Up to 3 sessions

3mm = 1 session

6mm = 2 sessions

Blister formation is encouraged but can be very, very painful Teenage – Adult only $150 per lesion, per application

Swift Microwave Therapy is a newer process we can offer using heat to elicit an immune response, and facilitate self-healing.  See your dedicated page on Swift Therapy.

Verrucae’s can resolve spontaneously and once treatment is underway every lesion responds differently.  The above treatment plans are a guide only and times, costs and pain level can vary for each individual enormously.