Emtrix Nail Revive- For discoloured nails


Emtrix Nail Revive can rapidly improve the appearance of discoloured nails.

Product Description

Emtrix Nail Revive can rapidly improve the appearance of discoloured nails.

Previously only available in Europe, Emtrix Nail Revive is a topical formula that is clinically proven to rapidly improve the appearance of unsightly nails. Emtrix Nail Revive softens and hydrates the nail to restore healthy appearance.
In a recent clinical study, most users saw improvement in nail appearance in only 2 weeks, and 92% success rate after 8 weeks. Duration of treatment varies according to severity, but in many cases 3-6 months of application may be required to achieve satisfactory results.

Ingredients: Propylene Glycol, Urea, Lactic acid, water, Sodium Hydroxide. 10ml

It is clinically proven to:
# Restore Healthy Nail appearance
# Normalise thickened nails
# Reduce nail discolouration

It has no preservatives, its odourless and has 3 months supply for up to 3 nails.

Applies easily with a no-mess pinpoint silicone tip applicator. Apply a thin layer just once daily before bedtime directly to affected nails and under the free edge of the nail. Allow a few minutes to dry.

If you have a known allergy to any of the ingredients, do not use. Can cause slight drying and flaking of surrounding skin if used too liberally.


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